If You Tell Me You Supported Hillary, I Already Know Seven Things About You


This article is being posted in response to a similar Daily Kos piece I read prior to the election attacking Donald Trump’s supporters. Considering the author thinks Donald Trump’s supporters are all racist, classless, misogynist, unethical, un-American and un-Christian, I’ll reserve the childish bigotry and pure hatred for those lesser publications. Since Trump’s election, we’ve heard the masses of liberals call Trump supporters these terms time and time again, and the mainstream media has gone on a non-stop “Fake-News” frenzy while accusing everyone else of being “Fake News.” Instead of participating in their crap, I’ll stick to the traits which I can pinpoint with some degree of accuracy, and avoid branding all of her supporters with such a broad brush.

For your enjoyment, here are the seven things I (probably) know about you based on your (now previous) support for Hillary Clinton (if you supported Hillary, go ahead and close your browser now – you definitely can’t handle reading this whole thing because you’re an ostrich and because she lost):

1. You don’t understand basic economics.

This one is perhaps the biggest giveaway, and I would venture to say a vast majority of Hillary’s supporters don’t have even a rudimentary knowledge of economics. For example, a higher minimum wage hurts the poor and raises unemployment, and higher taxes on corporations and on the rich (or anyone) hurts the economy and hurts the poor the most. Additionally, regulations stifle economic growth, and our debt is reaching unsustainable levels. We are also already in a depression which is being masked by low interest rates. We are one bad bank decision away from a global Great Depression that everyone will suffer from. Your excuse is to simply say “trickle-down economics doesn’t work,” but the sad truth is, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Trickle-down isn’t even a real policy, it’s a word Democrats made up. Oh, and by the way, if you’re an economist and you somehow don’t agree – you’re a Keynesian, and you’re about to lose your job. If you still don’t believe me, you’re probably a Hillary supporter, and you need to look these things up (use Google, or read any basic book on economics that wasn’t written by Karl Marx, try Thomas Sowell instead) – I won’t do your homework for you. Oh yeah, and despite all the media’s fear-mongering, the market is soaring after Donald Trump’s election – legitimate or not – you have to pay attention. If Hillary’s supporters knew anything about basic economics, they wouldn’t be Hillary supporters – period.

2. You are an insider, a statist, a corporatist, a fascist, a socialist, a corrupt financier, a communist, or just creepy.

At least to some degree, you have to be one of the above to support Hillary Clinton. It’s highly unlikely you could be anything else. Considering Hillary herself fits the bill on most of these titles, I would say it’s hard to imagine someone supporting her who doesn’t as well. Even her rival in the primary was a self-proclaimed, devout socialist. WikiLeaks has proven Hillary to be a massively corrupt liar who apparently associates with child molesters (at least we know of one for sure, Anthony Weiner) and people who perform disgusting rituals that I can’t even print here. Don’t believe me? That’s because CNN didn’t report it. Search Google for “spirit cooking” right now, and then ask yourself if this is normal. If you’re not creepy (and I don’t mean just sui generis), then you’re one of the other things in this list – I don’t know which is worse honestly.

3. You have trouble seeing the forest for the trees.

You see the words “higher minimum wage,” and you get excited without doing the research into the ramifications. Same goes for “free universal healthcare,” “free tuition,” and “higher taxes on the rich and big business.” You are unable to objectively analyze consequences of actions, and instead prefer to support what “looks good,” or “feels right” with no real thought process behind it. This makes you an ignorant do-gooder who contributes to the decline of our society. You also cannot see how biased the media is, because you are unable to discern truth from fiction. You can only absorb small bits of information at any one time, and your solution to the complexity of the world is to bury your head in the proverbial sand. You don’t see the corruption in the DOJ. You don’t see the corruption in the intelligence community. You don’t see the corruption in the White House. You don’t see the corruption with Hillary, Bill, and the Clinton Foundation.

4. You are a bigot, you just don’t know it yet.

Now that Trump has won, you’re calling everyone associated with him a racist. You know it – don’t hide it. You’ve slandered people on the right, and you’ve oppressed people who did not agree with you. You’ve dehumanized friends, family members and even colleagues by calling them racists, misogynists, homophobes, idiots, nazis and xenophobes. You did this, you know you did this, and you know it’s bigotry, you just won’t admit it yet. In fact, you will comment on this article by calling me an idiot, or a moron, or something similar – but you’ll provide exactly zero evidence to contradict anything contained herein. Meanwhile, you’re totally clueless about the bigoted, racist emails from Hillary’s camp in the WikiLeaks releases. Apparently they hate Latinos, blacks, Catholics, evangelicals, southerners, young people, and of course, Trump supporters. You think Donald Trump and his supporters are all these terrible things, but you’re a hypocrite, and so is Hillary. You call Donald a misogynist even though Hillary attacked, silenced and ridiculed her husband’s rape-victims, and even though she takes millions of dollars from men who abuse and murder women in the middle east, and even though Hillary defended a child rapist and laughed about it when she was an attorney. You call him a racist even though Hillary says we need to “bring blacks to heel.” You call him a xenophobe and a nazi even though more Americans in Israel voted for Trump than Hillary. You call him a homophobe even though Trump wants to stop Islamic extremists from murdering members of the LGBTQ community, and even though he supports gay marriage, unlike Hillary. You call him corrupt when Hillary is easily the most corrupt person to ever run for President of the United States. You call him a liar while Trump represents the first bastion of truth we’ve had in American politics in decades. You say his university is a fraud, while tens of thousands of students claim they “loved it” and only a couple who disliked it were touted by a partisan law firm with ties to Hillary. You say he’s had bankruptcies, meanwhile he has run numerous successful businesses, and bankruptcies do happen in business – Trump’s failures are spectacularly rare. You don’t know this, because you are an employee, not a business owner. Meanwhile, Hillary ran only one business, Whitewater Development Corporation. It was a complete fraud and a huge scandal, went bankrupt and brought down a bank with it. Hillary and Bill were investigated and many people were convicted of a deluge of crimes. Oh yeah, and she got away with insider trading, and possibly even murder – yup, the m-word, and she’s running for president. Being a bigot should be the least of your concerns.

5. You think blacks and Hispanics are inferior, and you support mass genocide.

Essentially, you’re the real racists, and you’re only one small step away from overtly supporting mass oppression and mass genocide. You dehumanize blacks and Hispanics, and assume they would be helpless without you. You call them things like “super-predators” behind closed doors (Hillary actually did this before she said we need to “bring them to heel”), but pretend to champion their causes at all other times. Meanwhile, you only care about your own image, and care little if anything for the minorities you indirectly denigrate. Democrats of old passed laws to designate blacks as “not-human,” while democrats of today pass laws to designate the unborn as “not-human.” By supporting Hillary you directly or indirectly support partial-birth late-term abortion (aka forcefully removing a viable baby and then murdering it out of the womb). You already support mass genocide and mass oppression, you just don’t know it yet. If you’re black, then you don’t know that blacks are significantly worse off under Barack Obama – and that Hillary’s campaign staff “joked” about smoking crack cocaine in order to research a speech for black people at the NAACP. If you’re Hispanic, you obviously don’t know Hillary’s campaign considers you to be “mindlessly loyal consumers” and “needy latinos.”

6. You are woefully ignorant of how business and taxes work.

It’s easy to get you riled up about Trump’s taxes, because you don’t know anything about taxes. You think when the government sends you a refund check it’s a gift from the Feds. You’re also completely ignorant about business, how it works, why it exists, and what it has done for our society. You are business illiterate, and you probably have a degree in communications, anthropology, sociology, or some other obscure liberal art (and you never branched out). You’re not upset about the fraud at Hillary’s foundation because CNN didn’t report it. Regardless, you don’t even know the difference between a charity and a for-profit business. You have no idea what “profit” even means.

7. You think the media is unbiased (except Fox News), and you think academics know everything.

Your ignorance of the bias which exists in the media and within academia is stunning. You think journalists and academics are inviolable, and you practically salivate when you read/watch a piece or read a study which you already agree with. You are very susceptible to the halo effect, and you value credentials over results. You have very little ability to think critically or rationally, and your success in life and in your career have suffered as a result of your poor judgement. You are voting for Hillary or you voted for her already without reading a single release from WikiLeaks. You don’t know that CNN is a fraudulent news organization, working hand-in-hand with the DNC and Hillary (the proof is in the WikiLeaks you didn’t read). You are brilliantly ignorant, and supremely egotistical with nothing to show for it. You are what I like to call, an intellectual with no judgement, or a thinker with no mind. You are sad and angry about this, because your lack of understanding of the world and how it works leaves you feeling frustrated and depressed. As a result, you attack and demoralize others who do not agree with your simplistic, naive ideals.

If you tell me you supported Hillary Clinton, I probably already know everything about you.

Oh, and Donald Trump won the election… get over it.

And good day, sir.


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230 thoughts on “If You Tell Me You Supported Hillary, I Already Know Seven Things About You

  1. WTH??? says:

    ML Wilt, what rock are you living under?? She is the most crooked politician that has ever lived and I am disgusted with our pathetic FBI for cowering down to her. She should have already been tried and prosecuted for treason. The list of her criminal behavior is seemingly endless. Her power is her money and she didn’t come by that legally either. She is a pathological liar who lies about her lies. You Hillary supporters need to wake up. Trump may not be a great choice but he’s a much better choice than her.


  2. Anonymous says:

    As a non-Hillary supporter, just letting you know that people would take your writing much more seriously if you took a much less patronizing approach in your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Silentknot says:

    The U.S. is in a sad state of affairs. We seem to discard the important issues and dwell on how to take away the rights the constitution has provided us. We do not heed the forefather’s warnings and we have become numb to horrible acts of violence. Many of the newer generations run from obligations; including their own children. We have forgotten kindness and most of all…charity.

    Being from the older generation, I remember many things that happened because people stood up for the rights of the American people; including my own grandfather who lost parts of his body in WWII. There were those who gave up their very lives to give us the freedoms we have been afforded.

    Could you imagine a U.S. that is not free? Where your very freedoms to worship, or not worship, is gone? A place where you have no voice? A place where the government decides who lives and who dies? How many of you would choose a life of government intervention over freedom to make choices that are even simple.

    I know what has happened over the years. I have been watching, praying, crying, cheering and fighting oppression of the people by their own government.

    If you don’t like the choices being made for you, it’s time to cut the ties that have us all bound…to pay outrageous amounts to politicians that serve themselves rather then those who have put them in office.

    We better fight the system before the system takes over; then all we have left are the memories of what could have been.

    I would like to see Reagan or JFK running, but they are gone. We do have one hope. That hope is Trump. He is many things that I may not like, but he is NOT a politician. He is a man, with faults like the rest of us. But he is not tied to the bunch of politicians that are taking us down; one freedom at a time.

    Please consider the alternative before you make your choice.

    Thanks for your time!


  4. Alison says:

    Re: higher taxes,
    Higher minimum wage, universal healthcare, government supported higher education, I give you Canada (where I live) and Scandinavia. Thank goodness our leaders know nothing about economics or business or taxes so that they could provide us with all these things and (based on many objective measures) a much better quality of life and healthier population. It must be a miracle that I know ‘nothing about business’ despite running a successful business for over 20 years. I’ll pick the Hillary version of ‘ignorance’ over Trump any day!


    • Jessie says:

      So why do Canadians come here for better medical care then? The fact of the matter is u should get paid for doing a better job than somebody else? All this equal money equal pay is bullshit. I do think that things need to be changed, altered and fixed. I’m not acting like I even know the best way to do it because I don’t. But I do know I will leave those decisions to the citizens of America ya know the people’s opinions that actually matter here. You and your opinion are irreleveant.


      • Anonymous says:

        You have it backwards, Americans go to Canada for healthcare. There may be a few special cases where new/experimental procedures may only be available at certain US clinics, but the general trend is go to Canada for healthcare, not the other way around


    • Jessie says:

      So why do Canadians come here for better medical care then? The fact of the matter is u should get paid for doing a better job than somebody else? All this equal money equal pay is bullshit. I do think that things need to be changed, altered and fixed. I’m not acting like I even know the best way to do it because I don’t. But I do know I will leave those decisions to the citizens of America ya know the people’s opinions that actually matter here. You and your opinion are irreleveant.


  5. Mike says:

    Allison, glad you are in Canada and can’t vote in America or you would be part of what’s wrong with this country, ignorance is bliss


  6. Anonymous says:

    You know, the trope of “anybody who disagrees with me on economic policy doesn’t understand economics” thing is getting really old. You rightwingers don’t really understand economics, but you’re very good at being useful idiots for big companies that like lower taxes and less regulation. For the millionth time, higher minimum wages help working people. They have literally in every developed country that has implemented them. Yes, prices go up a little, but really profits just go down a little. Prices don’t go up linearly. It’s absurd that people work full-time jobs and can’t feed their families, and it’s even more absurd that you people pretend like those people aren’t there because you believe in the ridiculous notion that the “free market” will somehow fix everything. Also, despite your smugness, you appear to have absolutely no idea what a communist or a socialist is. Probably you read “The Road to Serfdom” or something equally vacuous and proved wrong by history and decided you were smarter than everybody else. In the end, though, no matter how condescending you are, you’re still wrong.


    • If pricing only goes up a little, why do we need to raise the min wage? One chases the other, if you raise pricing, people scream they need more wage to afford things. So then they raise the wage, then pricing goes up requiring another wage hike. It’s been happening this way for years, otherwise we wouldn’t need to keep raising the wage would we? If people stop buying, AKA, “can’t afford”, prices must drop or sales don’t happen. Why is this so hard for some people to understand???


      • Michael says:

        If working people have more income to spend that will only boost the economy. It’s very important to raise the minimum wage in order to boost wages for everybody.


      • Jon says:

        Michael, how can people have more income to boost the economy when they either get laid-off or reduced hours due to an increase in paid wages? Employers have to do what they can to keep the overhead from going up.


    • Umm... says:

      … but raising the minimum wage will result in less working people because many businesses can no longer afford to keep them employed, and less full-time workers because businesses can no longer afford to keep them on health insurance.


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  8. Ben says:

    Hmmmm how many economists believe Trump’s economic plan is better? Any evidence that tax cuts, along h lines that Trump s supporting, with or without massive spending cuts reduce the deficit? Can ou explain how Trump will bring God paying jobs lost to low wage countries back? We ha e seen manufacturing come back to the US, but those factories are highly automated.

    Those who label people such as commits, elitist so, fascists, are typically too lazy to have adul conversations on serious issues.


  9. Gregg Lev says:

    This wasn’t written by an intelligent person. As far as number one:

    Trump himself said economy fairs better under Democrats. This is such an ignorant article, it’s a joke.


  10. Jeebuz says:

    Look at the triggered leftists… when facts elude them, and logic isn’t an option, they just start with the personal insults. Let’s clear this up…

    First, Canada’s healthcare is not even close to on par with treatment available in the US. The reason the “ranking” is low is because politicians align with pharmaceutical companies, which price life saving drugs through the roof. We also have failed policies such as Obamacare, which is soon to be repealed if it doesn’t implode on itself first. If you think the actual treatment offered is better anywhere in the world than it is in the US, you have zero idea about the issue. It’s also an issue when you provide people with programs like food stamps and Medicaid, which allow them to work part time high school level jobs while having children they can’t support.

    Second, checks and balances have always existed, and wages are balanced with prices very precisely. Higher wages lead to higher costs to produce and sell items, which lead to higher prices for the consumer. Comparing third world countries to people making $8 an hour in the US is asinine, and proves you have no real knowledge of the economy. It also doesn’t factor in that there is no economy in the world as complex as the US, and what works for other countries does not always work here. I also find it sad that people ask “how?” when Google clearly exists. The truth is out there… 20 keystrokes away.

    The article, while somewhat sensational, is about as accurate as a slander piece can get. The left is nothing more than a group of half assed social justice warriors that require safe spaces and breed more intolerance than the KKK and Black Panthers have in their entire history. Sheep led to the slaughter, while the rest of America awaits your destruction and a return to normalcy.


  11. Truth says:

    Someone paid to post this rant of judging people?

    #maga ….like Atlantic City…. lose a billion a year…. gambling.

    Pack your bags, your family, kids, loved ones, friends….. These dopes want to put a bullshit artist in the pilot seat of a plane he can’t fly. We’re all gonna laugh when the clown cries about the loss too. People want to run with the bad boy…. but will think twice at the booth.


  12. Scott says:

    I had to read 3 whole sentences before a realized you were am idiot. Nice try though. At least you got Mr to open this ridiculous article.


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  14. Drew says:

    You could add:
    If you are gay you are most likely a liberal. -Want gay Marriage.
    If you are black you are most likely a liberal. -Want to keep their welfare.
    If you are Latino you are most likely a liberal. -Want ilegals to stay.
    If you are in a union you are most likely a Liberal. -Want unsustainable contracts.
    Single issue voters are the scourge of America.


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