BREAKING: Video of Bill Clinton Groping Young Girl Uncovered

While the media is in a frenzy over Donald Trump saying inappropriate things about women, a new video was uncovered which shows former president Bill Clinton actually physically groping a young aid while aboard a flight.

In the video we clearly see the former President place his arm in between the young woman’s legs, and then rub his hand up and down before quickly removing it. It appears the President was at least initially unaware that ABC cameras were rolling at the time. He quickly removes his hand perhaps after he realizes the cameras are on, or perhaps after an awkward interaction with the young female assistant (she appears to cover her mouth out of embarrassment and shock).

The irony in all this is, of course, the media continues to attack Donald Trump for his remarks, but completely ignores the sexual abuse perpetrated by Bill Clinton and covered up by Hillary. It’s now well known Hillary has fought to destroy Bill’s accusers in order to hide accusations against her husband.

It’s odd our media chooses to focus on Donald Trump saying he grabs women “by the pussy,” meanwhile we have actual video of Bill Clinton grabbing a woman by the uh, well. See the video below: