Sanders Leads Iowa

In a new Quinnipiac poll released today, Bernie Sanders has pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton in the state of Iowa. This puts Sanders ahead in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

All of what we’re about to discuss assumes the DNC is not corrupt, and is not planning to rig the election for Hillary. If they are, and my better judgement says that’s the case, Hillary will win regardless of any momentum Sanders achieves. That said, and just so we can pretend for one second the world is fair, let’s talk about what should be happening right now.

When we said Hillary Clinton’s campaign was over, we meant it. While she is still officially in the race, her days are numbered. Today’s poll is simply more evidence of that. Hillary will likely continue her campaign full steam ahead despite lagging poll numbers – until, of course, she is eventually indicted. Upon indictment, Hillary will either postpone, or withdraw from the race entirely, and Bernie Sanders will be the eventual nominee for the Democrats.

None of this is new. Hillary lost the nomination to Barack Obama in 2008 despite leading in polls for a number of months prior. This time around, she’s losing to another extreme leftist – one who’s even more left than Obama. Back in 2008, Hillary’s undoing was Barack’s immense support among hard-left Democrats. This time, it’s Bernie’s support among the hard-left, combined with her email scandal.

Hillary’s email scandal could have been squashed by her campaign, of course, if her immediate response was to apologize, hand over the unaltered server to the FBI, cite precedent, and then quietly run PR damage control. Instead, she chose to attack Republicans, attack Fox News and the rest of the media, laugh at those who questioned her use of the server, refuse to answer basic queries, wipe the server clean, tell jokes, and then refuse to hand the original server over to authorities voluntarily.

Obviously, Hillary’s campaign wouldn’t have chosen this path if they weren’t sure Hillary’s use of the private server would be a significant problem in the eyes of the law. Regardless, her decision to wipe her server will ultimately be her undoing. Clinton could be indicted based on the fact that confidential emails were transmitted, and emails were erased. Unfortunately for her, things could get a lot worse before they get better.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s face the facts. Corruption knows no bounds. Hillary will probably win through DNC tactics and election fraud, and she will not be indicted.