Hillary Clinton Indicted

This is how it would all go down if the judicial system wasn’t corrupt:

In July 2016, shortly before securing the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton is working hard to earn the votes of angry, disenfranchised Bernie Sanders supporters.

Unfortunately for her, she’s indicted before her message has a chance to resonate.

Fox News is the first to report, with all other media outlets picking up the story immediately thereafter. Hillary’s indictment comes at perhaps the worst possible time – representing the Watergate scandal of the 21st century. Liberal Millennials throw up their arms in protest, and demand the DNC strip Hillary of her nomination in favor of Bernie Sanders.

Republicans, initially overjoyed, grow silent and nervous as they ponder the potential scenario of a Sanders vs. Trump election. Initially convinced the country would never elect a Socialist for President, the GOP begins to fear a Sanders resurgence.

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Unfortunately for liberal Millennials, and for Bernie Sanders, corruption within the Democrat party knows no bounds. The DNC, through the machinations of the insidious Debbie Wasserman Schultz, claim the indictment is not a disqualifying event, and ultimately throw their full support behind the prison-bound Clinton. Hillary loses the election to Donald Trump, unsurprisingly, and the Democrat party splinters as a result. Gary Johnson wins over a large number of Hillary’s remaining supporters, but not enough to steal the election.

When all is said and done, Donald Trump is our new President, Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns in shame, and Hillary Clinton is convicted as a felon.

Alas, but corruption runs rampant, and another reality is upon us.


Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Should Be Over Already

The corrupt DNC will never admit it, but Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign should be over already. When Hillary’s email scandal broke earlier this year, The New York Times quickly backed down over criticism of the story.

In subsequent months, Hillary attacked Republicans and Fox News for creating something out of nothing. For a short time, it seemed Hillary might escape the media frenzy.

However, since then, Hillary’s nightmare has only gotten worse. Much worse. Now that the FBI is involved, the media has turned on Mrs. Clinton – yet again – and decided her campaign should end.

This time, the media has it right. Mrs. Clinton’s deliberate use of an insecure private email server while Secretary of State has put national security at risk, and completely destroyed her chances of serving as President. Her free-falling poll numbers are no coincidence. The American public distrusts Hillary – they perceive her as untrustworthy. Considering she wiped her server clean, this should come as no surprise.

Clinton’s 5 point deficit to Donald Trump in a new general election poll released today by SurveyUSA confirms what we already knew – Hillary would lose to Trump in November. It’s not unreasonable to anticipate an indictment of Hillary fairly soon, and with that, fines and possibly even jail time. Clinton’s campaign should be over so we can focus our attention on qualified candidates.

With two candidates rising from the pack on the Republican side – Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson – it appears the American electorate is seeking a “non-politician” this time around. As such, Carly Fiorina’s surge should come as no surprise as well. The pundits are saying Trump and Carson are flavors of the week, but the facts say otherwise. The momentum both candidates (and to a lesser extent Fiorina) have seen is real, and it’s here to stay.

With Sanders rising in the polls, and Joe Biden reportedly mulling a run, it won’t be long before we find out who will be in this race for the long-haul. I, for one, am happy none of the other candidates are as secretive and untrustworthy as Hillary. Unfortunately for all of us, Hillary is the ultimate criminal insider, and she will probably machinate her way into the nomination regardless – of course with lots of help from Debbie Wasserman Corrupt Schultz.