BREAKING: Hillary Conspired With Press to Nominate Trump

A bombshell – the conspiracy theories were true after all: WikiLeaks documents released today proove Hillary Clinton’s campaign conspired with the DNC and the mainstream media to nominate Donald Trump as the Republican presidential candidate. Source here.

The documents show the Clinton campaign saw Trump as a “Pied Piper candidate,” someone who could win the support of the electorate, but who would ultimately destroy the Republican Party in the process. The trick is, Hillary expected the media would not cover Trump enough, and they would not take his candidacy seriously. Her campaign sought to actively conspire with the DNC and the media in order to increase coverage of Trump as much as possible – effectively making it impossible for a more qualified candidate to receive media exposure. This just screams of corruption and fraud at the highest level. Following this strategic initiative, the media coverage of Trump was insane – every moment of his campaign was covered by every mainstream media outlet – so much so that all other Republican candidates were unable to secure any coverage at all (with the exception of Cruz, and briefly Carson, who were also “Pied Piper candidates.”) We now know this over bearing media coverage was all orchestrated by corrupt Democrats.

This kind of orchestrated manipulation of the electoral process by powerful politicians and media elites should make all Americans sick to their stomachs. If you have a soul in your body, and a brain in your head, you will vote for Donald Trump this November. If for no other reason than to create the greatest of all deterrents against this kind of sick media controlled electoral manipulation for future generations. Throw this back in their faces people. Enough is enough.