Huge U.S. Extremist Group Potentially Wants Mass Genocide and Brutal Oppression Against Women, Jews, and LGBT Members

Not forgetting the millions and millions of peaceful Muslims who live in this country, the extremist group we’re talking about constitutes over half of the U.S. Muslim population. This label does a massive disservice to those peaceful Muslims living in the U.S. and all around the world. As we currently don’t have another name, we can only refer to them as “a majority of U.S. Muslims,” or perhaps, “U.S. Muslim extremists.” For the sake of all peaceful Muslims, it is important we find a way to separate them from their violent, extremist counterparts. The sad fact is, it appears the bad outnumber the good.

In a largely ignored poll from the Center for Security Policy in June, a staggering 51% of U.S. Muslims agreed they should be allowed to govern and be governed according to Sharia Law. Say what you want about the Center for Security Policy, but first we need a legitimate poll which refutes this data. Of course, if it can be constructed, we need it fast. The fear is, a poll like this doesn’t currently, and might never exist. The Center for Security Policy poll was released two months ago, and we still don’t have refuting data. As such, there is good reason to fear this is no anomaly. Clearly, Muslim leaders must do more to quell the extremism running rampant throughout their communities. The argument from the left about a vast “misunderstanding of Sharia Law,” is utter nonsense – just read about what Sharia Law is to understand why. Perhaps there is a vast misunderstanding of what Sharia Law is among the Muslim community, but that’s another topic.

The reputable Pew Research has published similar data on many countries, but with the notable exception of the U.S. If the Center for Security Policy poll is correct, and we currently have no reason to believe it isn’t, Americans should be terrified. Sharia Law essentially promotes genocide against “non-believers,” the outright execution of LGBT community members, the mass extermination of Jews, brutal oppression against women, and routine beheadings. Under Sharia, the penalty for simply drawing the Prophet Muhammad is an immediate beheading.

Perhaps not shockingly, according to Pew Research, a vast majority (70%) of U.S. Muslims identify as or lean toward the Democrat Party. Only a tiny group (11%) identify as or lean toward the Republican Party. This should come as no surprise as nearly the same number of Muslims prefer bigger government over smaller government. Since the Democrat Party has always been the party of extremist hate-groups (KKK then, Black Lives Matter now, Islamic extremists now), this association is to be expected.

Not to be expected, however, is a 2012 Gallup poll which found 44% of LGBT members identify as Democrat, while only 13% identify as Republican. In better news, this leaves 43% of the LGBT community as independent. Similarly, nearly 70% of Jewish people chose to vote Democrat in 2012, and a 2009 Gallup poll found 41% of women identify as Democrat while 25% identify as Republican.

It surely is an odd mix when hate groups like Black Lives Matter and Islamic extremists are voting alongside those same people they wish to persecute and murder. Perhaps if the Republicans can find a way to shake off the white-supremacist vote – eventually forcing them back to the Democrats where they belong – then maybe those peaceful Muslims, Jewish people, LGBT members, and minorities from all walks of life will return to the Republican Party.

The media will have you believe Donald Trump kow-tows to the few white supremacists remaining in the Republican Party of today. However, considering how small that group truly is, and considering Trump has denounced them over, and over again, we find that claim hard to swallow.

If Trump doesn’t win in 2016, perhaps the Republican Party of 2020 will have a whole new look – one which more closely resembles the Republican Party which freed the slaves, fought the KKK, and passed the Civil Rights Act in the face of massive opposition from Democrats. The party which doesn’t scapegoat the rich, or poor, or minorities of any kind. The party which unites, not divides, and the party which stands for all that is good. The party of the people, and for the people. The party which rejects big government, bigotry, and oppression in all its forms. The party of liberty, freedom, and justice for all. The party which should re-earn, and never expect, the vote of all peace-loving Muslims, minorities, Jewish people, women, LGBT members, and yes, even white men from all walks of life.


Transgender YouTube Star Receives Death Threats for Being Libertarian

Rising transgender YouTube star and vicenarian Blaire White has received death threats for coming out.

As a center-right “libertarian” that is.

In a post yesterday on her Facebook page, Blaire White said coming out as transgender was easy, but coming out as someone with center-right beliefs has made her life miserable. She explains, “Coming out as transgender was easy and I was met with only positivity from family and friends. Starting my You[T]ube channel and ‘coming out’ with center-right beliefs has wreaked havoc on my life.”

Blaire started her YouTube page just seven months ago, and since then she’s gained over 100,000 subscribers on the popular video sharing site. Her top video has over 500,000 views. However, in the process, she’s made enemies. She has received death threats, and was attacked and threatened by the black supremacy hate group known as Black Lives Matter.

“Within the first month, feminists in my town tried to get me evicted from the place I was living [in] at the time, I lost a significant amount of friends, and overall people were super shitty to me. Then [Black Lives Matter] tried doxing [publishing private information about her on the internet with malicious intent] me and threatening my family,” she continued.

Blaire’s rapid rise in popularity may stem from a similar vein tapped by Brietbart Technology Editor Milo Yiannopoulos over the last few years. Milo initially gained significant attention, and backlash, for expressing his own ideology and beliefs through his platform on Brietbart. Milo happens to be gay, but his conservative philosophy doesn’t mesh well with many young students on campuses around the country, as well as many media and technology professionals around the world. Coincidentally, Blaire’s most popular video involves her commentary on some of Milo’s events (see below). The LGBT conservative movement seems to be exactly that – a genuine movement.

Perhaps young LGBT members like Milo and Blaire can help open some eyes to the hate and bigotry being spread by liberals and the Black Lives Matter movement. LGBT libertarians and conservatives might enjoy a special sort of privilege versus their straight white male counterparts. While they receive criticism and hatred for their opinions, it probably pales in comparison to what a heterosexual white man might encounter if he were to express similar opinions. Straight white conservative men, and conservatives and libertarians from all walks of life, really are the newly oppressed. Perhaps this makes LGBT conservatives and libertarians the best figureheads for the non-leftist voice. Milo covered the root of male oppression oh so eloquently in a speech at University of Bristol last year:

It’s not just hate speech and bigotry – suppression of free speech against conservatives and libertarians seems to be the new normal now. As one example, just last week Milo was permanently banned from using Twitter, most likely due to liberal Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey not agreeing with his strong opinions. It’s fascinating to see that those who attack and attempt to silence libertarians and conservatives are incapable of seeing their own bigotry and hate for what it is. Bigotry and hate often go unnoticed by those who perpetrate the act as they feel justified in their behavior. Yesterday, Black Lives Matter protesters at the DNC convention screamed with impunity, “White people get to the back. Black people come to the front. Take your rightful positions.” Their screams hearkening us back to the days when Rosa Parks and others simply said, “No, thank you.” History doesn’t repeat, but it certainly rhymes. These truly are the new racists:

Blaire summarizes her post on Facebook, “I’m not saying this as a ‘woe is me’ post. I’m a big girl and I can handle whatever comes my way. But the point is to say that ‘coming out’ as someone with any set of beliefs that are not perfectly far-left is more dangerous than coming out as transgender these days.”