Is Hillary Clinton Planning to Murder Julian Assange After Bombshell Announcement Tonight?

It’s in the news. Tonight at 3am ET (otherwise known as tomorrow morning), Julian Assange will be releasing a litany of damning evidence against Hillary Clinton – potentially destroying her campaign in the process. Earlier in the year, Assange was responsible for releasing the emails which devastated the DNC, and led to the ouster of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Hillary’s impending implosion as a viable candidate should come as no surprise. Anyone as corrupt as her eventually gets caught red-handed – it’s a mathematical certainty. It is likely these documents will be the big “October surprise” Republicans have been waiting for. That said, the bigger question is, what will the ramifications for Julian Assange be?

Hillary already threatened to murder Mr. Assange using drone strikes back in 2010 – obviously aware of the threat he posed to her political future even back then. It’s also becoming increasingly obvious that Clinton, or at least someone supporting Clinton, murdered supposed DNC leaker Seth Rich back in July. The DNC staffer was shot and killed in cold blood, and all of his possessions including his wallet, credit cards and cellphone were left with him. This is a real life house of cards people. It’s highly likely we have a major political candidate running for office who has aggressively and blatantly murdered young, innocent people who have opposed her in one form or another, perhaps going back decades.

Instead of asking whether or not Assange’s leak will be detrimental to Hillary – that much is obvious – we should be asking how much longer Assange will remain alive and well in this sick world we now live in. It was just announced that WikiLeaks will be moving the announcement to Berlin due to “specific threats.” How much more evidence do we need before we start to see the forest for the trees?

I, for one, profoundly hope we don’t elect a serial killer to the office of President.


Should Bigotry Be Illegal?

With Donald Trump rallying the racists of the country from their slumber, maybe its time we started having some real talk. Thanks to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it’s already illegal for businesses to discriminate against customers based on race, color, religion, and national origin. But what about sexual orientation?

In fact, why stop there? Why should it be legal for any citizen to spew bigotry towards their fellow citizens, or even non-citizens for that matter? Perhaps its time we consider expanding upon the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – perhaps as the “Civil Rights and Enforcement Act of 2016.” Donald Trump’s supporters might think twice about spewing hatred for illegal immigrants if the penalty for insulting illegal immigrants or any other minority group was a few years jail time.

Ideally, if we could implement federal corporal punishment laws for such crimes, anyone caught slandering illegal immigrants or demanding they “go back home” would be subject to public lashings. Only a child would be so ignorant to refer to an entire group of people as “illegals,”- these bigots should be treated just like disobedient children. The same goes for anyone who says anything harmful about blacks, Muslims, homosexuals, women, or any minority group we can keep protected. We are stronger together. I’m not advocating corporal punishment for youth, of course, but anyone over the age of eighteen who supports Donald Trump, and who therefore supports racism, should be labeled a “bigot,” and treated accordingly – perhaps even harshly. On a side note, we cannot allow people to vote for Donald Trump. They should be ridiculed and attacked, even intimidated at the polls if that’s what it takes. Needless to say, I agree with Christian Gabriel from the Huffington Post – he tells it like it is.

It’s sad it’s come to this, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Our country is on the verge of electing a racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, sexist white rich entitled man by the name of Donald Trump, and anyone who could support such a monster should be stopped in their tracks, by federal force if necessary. The laws on the books exist to protect us from monsters like this.

Despite all the controversy, Hillary Clinton didn’t go far enough when she said 50% of Donald Trump’s supporters are “deplorable”. The truth is, 100% of his supporters are clearly deplorable. They are all racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, sexist and xenophobic – without question. The only way we can stop this scourge of hate from existing in our society is to pass laws on the books which slowly and methodically eliminate them from our ranks. Because it’s such a huge endeavor, this task would likely require the creation of a Federal Department of Public Decency. This agency would be tasked with monitoring, labeling, and controlling bigotry in all of its forms. Imagine living in a country where bigotry and hate are all but eliminated – unlike Trump, this really would make America great again.

It’s time to fight fire with fire folks. Let’s end the hate.

For those of you who read this far – this article is 100% sarcasm. It pains me that I have to spell this out. Speaks volumes about the deluge of garbage we’re reading today if folks can’t tell this is in jest.


What If Only Taxpayers (or White People) Could Vote?

This might be the most disturbing electoral map ever created – even though it’s been skewed from a map of white voters. To envision so few people might vote Democrat if only taxpayers could vote is enlightening to say the least. This map originates from a liberal CNN-data fueled BuzzFeed article some time ago covering a multitude of antiquated and restrictive voting scenarios. In this scenario, both men and women can vote, but an effective poll tax is added back to exclude non tax paying voters. The poll tax, of course, disproportionately and significantly affects poor ethnic minorities as an unintended consequence. When they weren’t attacking black communities and destroying black lives and families – the Democrats aimed to eliminate blacks from voting and Republicans from office (that is, until they managed to manipulate the black community into voting Democrat in later years). To estimate the effect of a modern poll tax, and due to a lack of data, BuzzFeed smartly chose to show only white men and women voters.

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And yes, we are aware of this, we just disagree with the “falseness” of the “doctored” label as BuzzFeed was specifically trying to simulate the effects of a poll tax. Since we know the majority of poor, non-taxpayers are non-white (nearly 60%), and white people make up close to 90% of all taxpayers, we see good reason to agree with BuzzFeed’s assumption. Also, nearly 50% of nonvoters are minorities, and they make up only 20% of likely voters. You only need a small percentage change in demographics to flip most states from blue to red. Additionally, as everyone in this map would be considered a “taxpayer” due to the poll tax, the label sticks. Is it perfect? No, as we are obviously counting white non-taxpayers disproportionately. Is the map still probably correct? Yes. Remember folks, estimates are estimates, It’s impossible to determine exactly how many income taxpayers voted, and which candidate they voted for in the last election. Considering old voting laws like the poll tax also sought to provide greater representation to tax payers and land owners (aka, the real stakeholders), it’s safe to say an electoral map of solely taxpayers would look very similar to this. Simply put, since a state goes blue or red on very minor swings in the electorate makeup – we can make an educated guess. This is why we make assumptions.

If you don’t like this particular map (Snopes anyone?) – which is admittedly a postulate – and you instead seek biased media confirmation with rock-solid boring geek data, a slanted 2012 New York Times story inadvertently determined seventy five percent of voters near the poverty level voted Democrat in recent presidential elections. Considering this voting block is massive – despite what the New York Times would have you believe – it’s highly likely a map just like this would pan out. Last time I checked, there are nearly 50 million people in poverty in the United States. If we assume just 25% of them vote, and if 75% of those voters voted Democrat, that’s a voter swing of nearly 10 million in favor of Republicans. This would have resulted in a landslide victory for Romney, with 60 million votes for Romney to Obama’s 55 million. Guess what? The map above shows such a landslide victory. To put this into perspective, such a victory would approach the margin won by Ronald Reagan in 1980, and this was that map:


And for all you picky people, Romney’s win would have looked like this:


Look familiar? If you need more evidence than this, you’re thinking too hard – or perhaps too little. Looking at a map of white voters is clearly upsetting to some folks, but it’s probably shockingly accurate, and can be backed-up with basic data from other sources. Additionally, this data backs up our assumption even further. If anything, based on the available information, the original “doctored” map might be generously blue.

The bigger question is how can we decrease the overwhelming poverty rates among blacks and Hispanics (along with everyone else, of course)? However, racial issues aside, perhaps we should be asking why non-meaningful taxpayers are even allowed to vote in the first place? Since tax-dodging corporations can’t vote, we won’t worry about them for now – we’ll just focus on individuals. We’re not recommending a poll tax or any other specific approach necessarily – we’re just asking the question. Specifically, we’re looking at those of working age (not retired) who don’t pay income tax or capital gains tax and are clearly not contributing to the federal government in any meaningful way. To be clear, married couples with only one working spouse file jointly, so they both pay taxes. Of course, there should be some exemptions, the disabled, the retired, spouses, all veterans and those currently serving for example. We’re solely talking about people who are truly on the self-imposed federal dole – and for the record, property tax and sales tax go to state and local government, not the federal government. If you pay next to nothing towards the federal government, why should you have any say in how it operates? In fact, our founding fathers, and particularly the godfather himself, James Madison, absolutely supported a measure like this.

James Madison wrote extensively on oppression, and he feared the greatest risk of oppression in the United States would come from those citizens who did not own property. Madison believed that those who did not own property would likely outnumber those who did, thus providing them with a stronger voting block. As such, he feared an oppression of the minority rich, not unlike what the Nazis did to the wealthy minority Jewish class in Germany in the early 20th century. Madison also feared oppression by the rich, but decided their minority status would put them at much greater risk in a true democracy – this despite their greater individual wealth and influence. His solution was to provide two thirds of the voting power to the wealthy.

Perhaps it’s time we reconsider Madison’s ideas. If an overwhelming number of tax paying citizens votes Republican, maybe we should take note. The core of our society has illuminated the “check engine” light – a cry for help. While those of us who do not pay taxes continue to vote for more taxes, and more spending, it’s safe to say that eventually the chickens will come home to roost. While non-taxpayers continue to vote for the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, taxpayers will overwhelmingly continue voting for lower taxes, less regulation, more freedom, less spending, and a stronger economy.

As Margaret Thatcher once said, “The trouble with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money,” and as James Madison said, “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.” Notice he specifically says many and elective, while also pointing out the obvious. Perhaps Madison knew we would be destined for tyranny without voter checks and balances like these?

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The Economy is About to Collapse

This is an open letter to Congress, The Federal Reserve, and to the office of the President of the United States.

The economy is about to collapse, and it’s all your fault.

When it happens, most of you will blame the banks, and capitalism, and greed. However, the truth is, it’s all your fault. The government did this – one hundred percent. For the sake of the country, please come clean. Tell the people the truth. You screwed up, and you know it.

For those of you who don’t know this – you’re incompetent – please quit your job. For those of you who really do think it was “the banks,” please audit a course on Economics 101, and then report back to me. And for the very few of you who knew the government was at fault, and who tried to stop it, I commend you.

Now let’s go over what happened in the last 25 years.

Beginning in the early 90s, the Fed began pumping “easy money” into the economy, all in accordance with Keynesian monetary policy. For the uninitiated, the Fed sets interest rates. Lower interest rates equals more credit (or money) in the system, and higher interest rates means less. “Easy money” refers to the act of encouraging “cheap” credit in the economy to spur spending and to raise asset prices. According to the short term debt cycle, and Keynesian economics, this is necessary. According to me, it’s reckless and dangerous. This was all sanctioned by then President Clinton and Congress.

In addition to “easy money,” President Clinton and Democrats in Congress really wanted to push harder to achieve “a home for every American.” Problem is, this is a classic blunder – government cannot control the economy – period. In fact, in all of human history, every time any government has tried to control the economy, disaster results. The policies they concocted, on top of older policies that preceded them, found ways to force the market to issue loans to home buyers who were not legitimately credit worthy. This is mistake number one.

In an effort to increase lending to more people with bad credit, the government and President Clinton then abandoned the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, a rare type of regulation which actually made some sense. I’m not against the repeal of the act necessarily, but for the purposes of warping the economy and housing market even further, I’m definitely against it. Essentially Glass-Steagall prevented commercial banks, which hold our money in checking and savings, from investing in risky assets like derivatives (aka financial weapons of mass destruction). Once this ban was lifted, the flood gates were open – mistake number two.

Not surprisingly, markets began to waver. In 2000, we had a tech bubble pop, and subsequently President Bush and the Fed set to make rates even lower – approaching zero. Bush continued the goal of Clinton and so many politicians before, and sought to provide “a home for every American” – truly a fool’s errand. The banks were forced to issue loans to customers who were not credit worthy. With low rates, asset prices quickly recovered – and housing led the charge. People with zero credit and zero savings could finally buy homes with no money down and low rates. Taxi drivers had multiple mortgages, and investment properties of their own. People filled out loan applications with false information, and fake names. Meanwhile, unrestrained and newly emboldened financial institutions began concocting ways to make money off of the terrible loans the government was forcing them to issue. President Bush’s decision to continue these failed policies was mistake number three.

Then came the big collapse. The housing market plummeted, and the CDO market fell apart – bringing a number of banks and companies with it – including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. However, instead of letting these banks and companies fail, the government decided to bail them out – essentially guaranteeing that banks and companies would make the exact same mistakes again. Additionally, the government did not back down on its pledge to provide “a home for every American,” and did not take responsibility for any of the catastrophe that ensued. Thus, they set us up for another collapse. This was mistake number four.

Flash forward to today, the Fed under Obama has kept interest rates at zero for an unprecedented seven years straight. Mistake number five. In addition to zero interest rate policy or “ZIRP”, and a number of massive corporate and financial bailouts, the Fed has also injected trillions of dollars directly into the economy though “quantitative easing” or “QE” – essentially by purchasing financial assets right from the banks. Mistake number six. The combination of ZIRP, bailouts and QE, resulted in a siphoning of money from poor to rich, saver to spender, investor to speculator, young to old, and from regular folk to Wall Street tycoons.

Now, asset prices are at or near all time highs again. Incomes are stagnant, GDP is anemic, savings are non-existent, the housing bubble is back, the tech bubble is back, CDOs are back and the derivatives market is worse than ever. This time, unfortunately, the situation is much, much worse than it was in 2008. This time, when the collapse happens, the Fed will not be able to stop it without destroying our currency. For those of you who doubt a collapse is imminent, consider the following:

  • The stock market is at an all-time high
  • Tech companies are trading at insane valuations not seen since the previous tech bubble
  • Gold has skyrocketed, corrected, and then skyrocketed again
  • Oil prices are low as demand is low, and manufacturing is collapsing
  • China is in a fraud-induced bubble and accumulating massive debt rapidly
  • The EU is collapsing
  • Home prices are at or near where they were during the last collapse, and the “home flipping” reality TV shows are back
  • Lending standards have dropped dramatically, nearing where they were during the crisis of 2008
  • We have a massive bond bubble which dwarfs previous bubbles
  • We have a massive bubble in student loan debt
  • Health care costs are rising dramatically under Obamacare, again shifting wealth from young to old, poor to rich
  • CDOs are back, just under a different name
  • The derivatives market is so large and uncontrollable now, a pinprick could essentially destroy the global economy
  • All central banks are stuck in ZIRP or near ZIRP
  • The Fed is running out of ammo
  • We are overdue for a seven-year downward trend in the short-term debt cycle
  • We are overdue for a seventy-year massive downward trend in the long-term debt cycle – there is no such thing as “beautiful deleveraging”
  • The Fed cannot raise rates without the stock market collapsing
  • Current Fed Chair Janet Yellen today discussed doing further quantitative easing
  • Markets are highly volatile, and react to even the slightest comments from Fed members in the extreme
  • Brexit, a non-event, nearly collapsed the global economy
  • Hedge fund managers and financiers from all over the world are sounding warning bells, loud and clear – this time, they don’t want to be accused of hiding the truth
  • President Obama and Janet Yellen are saying “everything is fine”

All of these factors, and many, many more contribute to one unavoidable conclusion:

The economy is about to collapse, and our government is responsible.

Hold on to your butts.


Huge U.S. Extremist Group Potentially Wants Mass Genocide and Brutal Oppression Against Women, Jews, and LGBT Members

Not forgetting the millions and millions of peaceful Muslims who live in this country, the extremist group we’re talking about constitutes over half of the U.S. Muslim population. This label does a massive disservice to those peaceful Muslims living in the U.S. and all around the world. As we currently don’t have another name, we can only refer to them as “a majority of U.S. Muslims,” or perhaps, “U.S. Muslim extremists.” For the sake of all peaceful Muslims, it is important we find a way to separate them from their violent, extremist counterparts. The sad fact is, it appears the bad outnumber the good.

In a largely ignored poll from the Center for Security Policy in June, a staggering 51% of U.S. Muslims agreed they should be allowed to govern and be governed according to Sharia Law. Say what you want about the Center for Security Policy, but first we need a legitimate poll which refutes this data. Of course, if it can be constructed, we need it fast. The fear is, a poll like this doesn’t currently, and might never exist. The Center for Security Policy poll was released two months ago, and we still don’t have refuting data. As such, there is good reason to fear this is no anomaly. Clearly, Muslim leaders must do more to quell the extremism running rampant throughout their communities. The argument from the left about a vast “misunderstanding of Sharia Law,” is utter nonsense – just read about what Sharia Law is to understand why. Perhaps there is a vast misunderstanding of what Sharia Law is among the Muslim community, but that’s another topic.

The reputable Pew Research has published similar data on many countries, but with the notable exception of the U.S. If the Center for Security Policy poll is correct, and we currently have no reason to believe it isn’t, Americans should be terrified. Sharia Law essentially promotes genocide against “non-believers,” the outright execution of LGBT community members, the mass extermination of Jews, brutal oppression against women, and routine beheadings. Under Sharia, the penalty for simply drawing the Prophet Muhammad is an immediate beheading.

Perhaps not shockingly, according to Pew Research, a vast majority (70%) of U.S. Muslims identify as or lean toward the Democrat Party. Only a tiny group (11%) identify as or lean toward the Republican Party. This should come as no surprise as nearly the same number of Muslims prefer bigger government over smaller government. Since the Democrat Party has always been the party of extremist hate-groups (KKK then, Black Lives Matter now, Islamic extremists now), this association is to be expected.

Not to be expected, however, is a 2012 Gallup poll which found 44% of LGBT members identify as Democrat, while only 13% identify as Republican. In better news, this leaves 43% of the LGBT community as independent. Similarly, nearly 70% of Jewish people chose to vote Democrat in 2012, and a 2009 Gallup poll found 41% of women identify as Democrat while 25% identify as Republican.

It surely is an odd mix when hate groups like Black Lives Matter and Islamic extremists are voting alongside those same people they wish to persecute and murder. Perhaps if the Republicans can find a way to shake off the white-supremacist vote – eventually forcing them back to the Democrats where they belong – then maybe those peaceful Muslims, Jewish people, LGBT members, and minorities from all walks of life will return to the Republican Party.

The media will have you believe Donald Trump kow-tows to the few white supremacists remaining in the Republican Party of today. However, considering how small that group truly is, and considering Trump has denounced them over, and over again, we find that claim hard to swallow.

If Trump doesn’t win in 2016, perhaps the Republican Party of 2020 will have a whole new look – one which more closely resembles the Republican Party which freed the slaves, fought the KKK, and passed the Civil Rights Act in the face of massive opposition from Democrats. The party which doesn’t scapegoat the rich, or poor, or minorities of any kind. The party which unites, not divides, and the party which stands for all that is good. The party of the people, and for the people. The party which rejects big government, bigotry, and oppression in all its forms. The party of liberty, freedom, and justice for all. The party which should re-earn, and never expect, the vote of all peace-loving Muslims, minorities, Jewish people, women, LGBT members, and yes, even white men from all walks of life.


Me if Hillary Gets Elected and 10 Reasons Why She’s Bad for America

10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton is Bad for America:

1. She’s definitely a serial liar.

Let’s face it – Hillary lies about basically everything. Her emails, Benghazi, her affairs, possibly her sexuality, Bill’s affairs, Bill’s alleged history of sexual assault (see: rape), her accomplishments, basic facts about her life, her foundation, her intentions, her personality, her positions, her accents, her smiles, her favorite food, and of course, her involvement in multiple possible murders. Which bring us to number 2:

2. She’s probably a serial killer.

They don’t call her Killery for nothing. The body count possibly attributed to Hillary and Bill is massive, and we’re not talking about war, we’re talking straight up premeditated murder – with big motives. If there was only one name or two we could give her the benefit of the doubt, but there are literally dozens and dozens.

3. She created ISIS.

Enough said.

4. She ruins everything she touches.

Libya, Syria, Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, Russia. The list goes on and on, and now she wants to ruin our country too.

5. She is Keynesian.

Enough said.

6. She is a regressive, oppressive, statist, authoritarian, fascist, war mongering leftist.

Enough said.

7. She’s in bed with and funded by Wall Street and big business.

And she actively encourages corporatism while simultaneously criticizing capitalism (just like Hitler). Not cool.

8. She’s in bed with and funded by oppressive foreign governments.

Meanwhile she pretends to champion women’s causes while taking big checks from dictators and regimes who oppress women.

9. She’s a fake.

She represents nothing. She says she is for women, but she ignores and then attacks and buries her husband’s rape victims to further her own interests. She says she will crack down on Wall Street, but Wall Street pays her a fortune and funds her campaign. She wants to raise the minimum wage to get elected, but she knows it will hurt the economy. She pretends to know everything about foreign affairs, but she is leaving her post and the world in shambles.

10. She will ruin the economy.

Our fragile bubble economy is already on the verge of collapse. Hillary will continue the reckless monetary and fiscal policies of Obama, Yellen and their predecessors and throw our country into a deep, almost insurmountable depression. She will destroy millions of jobs and probably our currency, and she will bankrupt a huge swath of our citizens while enriching those very few at the top. Of course, she will blame capitalism for all this, and not her failed policies, shifting us further towards Socialism.



Transgender YouTube Star Receives Death Threats for Being Libertarian

Rising transgender YouTube star and vicenarian Blaire White has received death threats for coming out.

As a center-right “libertarian” that is.

In a post yesterday on her Facebook page, Blaire White said coming out as transgender was easy, but coming out as someone with center-right beliefs has made her life miserable. She explains, “Coming out as transgender was easy and I was met with only positivity from family and friends. Starting my You[T]ube channel and ‘coming out’ with center-right beliefs has wreaked havoc on my life.”

Blaire started her YouTube page just seven months ago, and since then she’s gained over 100,000 subscribers on the popular video sharing site. Her top video has over 500,000 views. However, in the process, she’s made enemies. She has received death threats, and was attacked and threatened by the black supremacy hate group known as Black Lives Matter.

“Within the first month, feminists in my town tried to get me evicted from the place I was living [in] at the time, I lost a significant amount of friends, and overall people were super shitty to me. Then [Black Lives Matter] tried doxing [publishing private information about her on the internet with malicious intent] me and threatening my family,” she continued.

Blaire’s rapid rise in popularity may stem from a similar vein tapped by Brietbart Technology Editor Milo Yiannopoulos over the last few years. Milo initially gained significant attention, and backlash, for expressing his own ideology and beliefs through his platform on Brietbart. Milo happens to be gay, but his conservative philosophy doesn’t mesh well with many young students on campuses around the country, as well as many media and technology professionals around the world. Coincidentally, Blaire’s most popular video involves her commentary on some of Milo’s events (see below). The LGBT conservative movement seems to be exactly that – a genuine movement.

Perhaps young LGBT members like Milo and Blaire can help open some eyes to the hate and bigotry being spread by liberals and the Black Lives Matter movement. LGBT libertarians and conservatives might enjoy a special sort of privilege versus their straight white male counterparts. While they receive criticism and hatred for their opinions, it probably pales in comparison to what a heterosexual white man might encounter if he were to express similar opinions. Straight white conservative men, and conservatives and libertarians from all walks of life, really are the newly oppressed. Perhaps this makes LGBT conservatives and libertarians the best figureheads for the non-leftist voice. Milo covered the root of male oppression oh so eloquently in a speech at University of Bristol last year:

It’s not just hate speech and bigotry – suppression of free speech against conservatives and libertarians seems to be the new normal now. As one example, just last week Milo was permanently banned from using Twitter, most likely due to liberal Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey not agreeing with his strong opinions. It’s fascinating to see that those who attack and attempt to silence libertarians and conservatives are incapable of seeing their own bigotry and hate for what it is. Bigotry and hate often go unnoticed by those who perpetrate the act as they feel justified in their behavior. Yesterday, Black Lives Matter protesters at the DNC convention screamed with impunity, “White people get to the back. Black people come to the front. Take your rightful positions.” Their screams hearkening us back to the days when Rosa Parks and others simply said, “No, thank you.” History doesn’t repeat, but it certainly rhymes. These truly are the new racists:

Blaire summarizes her post on Facebook, “I’m not saying this as a ‘woe is me’ post. I’m a big girl and I can handle whatever comes my way. But the point is to say that ‘coming out’ as someone with any set of beliefs that are not perfectly far-left is more dangerous than coming out as transgender these days.”